Best Cheap Web Hosting Reviews of 2020

There is no reason to pay a huge sum of money for web hosting when you are launching a new website. You can easily find cheap solutions for web hosting on the market to purchase. We are aware that most new websites or personal blogs are small, hence, cheap web hosting can function optimally on these sites.

However, it is still difficult to choose the most suitable web host for your site as there are so many web hosting providers in the market. For this reason, we have taken our time to research the best cheap web hosting provider plans available in the market. 

We recommend these web hosting for new site owners who are strictly on a budget, yet still want to get the best out of their site or blog. The basis for our choices includes price, value, features, and so on. Here are our top six picks for cheap web hosting: 

  1. Hostinger; is the best web hosting plan in the market under the price of $1.  
  2. Bluehost; is regarded as the best value when it comes to web hosting. 
  3. A2 Hosting; this cheap web hosting offers you the best possible customer service.
  4. HostGator; is the best cheap cloud hosting available in the market. 
  5. iPage; the iPage service comes with amazing features. 
  6. GoDaddy; is described as the best yet cheap VPS Hosting service. 

These web hosting services are functional and have a high-performance rate, so it will come in handy for new site owners. 

When Does it Make Sense to go With Cheap Web Hosting? 

A direct response to this question is when you are on a low-budget. It is not wise to opt for expensive web hosting services when you are just starting your blog or a new site. We recommend that you go for any of the cheap web hosting services we’ve mentioned earlier. 

When you have a new site or blog, there is no need for all the fancy add-ons that come in more complex sites. Also, you might not necessarily need hosting either, depending on what you want. One of our favorite WordPress web hosting providers in the WPEngine, as it is reliable, fast, and has some amazing features like the shared and managed host.

Cheap Web Hosting

 Also, these web hosting plans are as cheap as $30 per month and they run smoothly. However, they function best when there is limited traffic, pages, images, and files. You can decide to first start with a shared hosting plan to save up money before you upgrade to other complex hosting services. 

In a nutshell, cheap web hosting is perfect when you are just starting your site or blog. However, you must have a vision of where the growth of your site will be in a few years. By doing so, it will help you to make plans to meet the vision of your site with the right hosting provider in each state. 

The Cheap Web Hosting Features You’ll Need Uptime is important, Even with a Cheap Web Host 

Even though cheap web hosting features are not the best for big websites, it is perfect for startups. These free web hosting providers have the most affordable plans with some exciting features.  

Some of the exciting web hosting features that these cheap web hosting providers offer alongside significant uptime include; free domain name, good storage space, and SSL certificate. 

It also comes with awesome bandwidth, email accounts, automated backups, and so many others. However, every host provider’s concept differs, as it’s interestingly difficult to keep everything straight. Nonetheless, it helps you to understand your preferences and priorities before you make your choice. 

We recommend the GreenGeeks or BlueHost as the two best and cheap web hosting providers with amazing features to cater to your website. 

The Top 6 Options for Cheap Web Hosting 

Earlier, we highlighted the top six cheap web hosting providers for you with why they are the most suitable amongst other competitors in the market. These top six cheap web hosting providers include; 

  1. Hostinger
  2. Bluehost
  3. A2 Hosting
  4. HostGator
  5. iPage
  6. Go Daddy 

The Different Types of Cheap Web Hosting

The term “cheap” is subjective and is defined differently to suit different businesses, projects, or tasks. For someone who decides to have a personal blog as a hobby or a project, his or her definition will differ from someone who’s trying to generate sales online. 

However, our focus is on cheap web hosting. These cheap web hosting providers are of five different types or categories. Below are the various types of affordable web hosting: 

  1. Shared Hosting

Our first on the list is shared web hosting as it is the cheapest available web hosting option in the market. Shared hosting is capable of hosting several websites on a single server as it has an entry-level plan. 

With shared hosting, you will enjoy low rates even though your site will not come with dedicated server resources. 

As a result, other sites on your server will take up the server resources thereby affecting your site till it crashes. Also, your host can even limit your bandwidth due to high traffic on your site. By doing so, it will slow down your site’s general performance leading to traffic spikes. 

Shared hosting isn’t the best when it comes to general web hosting services, however, it is perfect for new site owners or those blog owners seeking cheap web hosting. 

  1. VPS Hosting 

VPS is also known as Virtual Private Server is seen as a more preferred cheap web hosting provider than shared hosting. However, it is more expensive as it gives an improved general performance when compared to shared hosting service. 

It allows you to share a server with other websites and even provides your site with its dedicated resources using a virtual server. We recommend VPS Hosting for new website owners seeking for high traffic rate on their site. Also, it functions seamlessly for websites that are beyond a shared plan. 

  1. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting comes in so many forms (shapes and sizes) amongst which includes; shared WordPress hosting plans, completely managed WordPress plans, VPS WordPress plans, and so many others. 

Just as the name implies, this web hosting provider is solely designed for WordPress hosting websites. WordPress Hosting comes with amazing features such as automatic WordPress updates, free WordPress backups, one-click WordPress installations, and many other features. 

As a result, this is the most preferred cheap web hosting provider for WordPress websites. Also, WordPress Hosting is cheap and affordable. 

  1.  Cloud Hosting

Even though Cloud Hosting is relatively new in the market, it has progressively made a name for its self in the hosting world. It is regarded as a hybrid VPS hosting that is cheap and affordable. 

We recommend this service for those who are price sensitive but still want to enjoy the VPS hosting plan. Cloud hosting is more effective in terms of cost, and it is ideal for those interested in scaling your server resources on-demand. As a result, you can easily account for traffic spikes. 

So many cloud service providers mostly charge for just the server resources they use. Even though it can be challenging in terms of budget, it is the best way you can save money and still ensure you don’t overpay for dormant resources. 

  1. Dedicated Hosting

In the world of web hosting, dedicated hosting is seen as the “top of the line” server for general web hosting services. For this reason, they are not cheap like other cheap web hosting providers. When you opt for this service, you’ll have the server all to yourself to use as you please. 

We recommend dedicated hosting for developers, as well as large businesses that desire to customize their server levels as well as their hosting. In a nutshell, this service aids your site with high-quality performance even though it’s expensive. 

 What is Considered “Cheap” Hosting? 

Cheap Web Hosting

Considering cheap hosting can be complicated especially if it the first time you’re searching for a host. For this reason, we have identified and briefly explained the top factors you should evaluate before you consider choosing a “cheap” hosting. 

Here are the elements you should put into consideration before you find the best cheap web hosting plan for your site;

  1. Contract Terms

There are so many web host plans that look cheap at a first glance until you analyze your contract terms. Analyzing your contract terms will help you to know the cost of these web host plans. 

To enjoy the lowest possible rate available, you will have to subscribe between two to four years plan. That means you will have to pay up-front for this duration of time you have chosen. So, if a host advert rate is charged at $3 per month, you will have to pay nothing below $100 in full. 

However, some popular hosts tend to offer you low prices, even though you will be charged for other extras that are included on the costlier host plans. We recommend that you learn to check your renewal rates at all times as so many web hosting industry hike their hosting plans without your consent. 

For promotional pricing, you might enjoy a fee of just $2.75 per month, however, the automatic renewal costs more as it amounts up to $10.95 monthly. This means that your rate can increase to either time three or four of the normal rate which is expensive. 

  1. Performance

It is impossible to enjoy a high-quality performance from your website if you always look out for rock-bottom prices. Always go through the features and prices before you opt for a web hosting provider. 

Other factors to consider before you choose cheap web hosting includes; your site’s uptime rates and how fast the pages on your site load. 

We are aware that it can be difficult to weigh your site’s metrics performance against the available funds you have at hand. Therefore, the performance of your site is not a big deal as long as it is not a business site. 

However, if your site is designed for business, then it is ideal to pay extra to ensure that the performance of your site is top-notch. Failure to do so may attract poor performance that will result in lost revenue. 

You can still get a cheap hosting plan that is cheap and still provides amazing site performance. However, you can’t still compare its performance to costlier hosting plans. 

  1. Traffic

It is impossible to get high traffic on your site if your website has no speed. Both traffic and speed have to work together. However, if you desire high traffic on your site, it will surely disrupt your choice for cheap plan rates. Hence, you’d need costlier rates to enjoy good performance that transcends to more traffic. 

Also, the cheapest web hosting plans are usually shared. Host sharing requires that you share server resources as well as other websites. If any of these sites have traffic spikes, your site’s performance will be disrupted. 

Most cheap plans should be capable of accommodating up to a total of 10,000 visitors per month. Some cheap plans can even handle up to 25,000 visitors or more per month. But once these visitors begin to reach a total of 50,000, we advise that you upgrade to a better plan. At this range, please avoid cheap host plans. 

  1. Customer Service

Needing assistance from your web host is inevitable at some point. You’ll need their help when your site goes down or when you need assistance for a migration. Whatever the case might be, you need a host that will help you to resolve any issue once it arises. 

Therefore, make sure that your choice of host will be there to assist you in any issue you may be encountering before you opt for a host. 

What to Expect From Cheap Web Hosting? 

If you have carefully read through this article, you will surely have an idea of what you can expect from cheap web hosting. Cheap web hosting is only perfect for new websites and not large businesses as we mentioned earlier. 

In most cases, these plans should offer more than just web hosting. They should be able to offer free features like domain name, SSL certificate, free migrations, and so on. These features are available to run a site that functions smoothly. 

For new websites or personal blogs, there is no need for extras especially when you have no plan for using those features, hence, cheap web hosting curtails these extras. However, avoid cheap web hosting that does not have the basic features to run a website. 

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