The Best and Most Popular WordPress Themes of 2020

A popular and powerful tool used in marketing is a website. You can use the website to grow and promote your business online. Few years before now, it was expensive and complicated to build a website. However, building a website now is easy and fast today due to technological innovations and free available website tools like WordPress. 

WordPress has grown to have one of the most popular sets of themes across the globe which are used by corporations and companies to grow their businesses online. These themes are custom-made with features and functionalities that will aid you to manage and promote your business or service online. 

We recommend that you know all the popular WordPress themes. By doing so, it will be easy to choose the correct and most suitable WordPress template for your business without having any selection headache. 

Having a corporate website will enable you to reach your customers through the contact form and show information about your location on your website. Also, with the updates of these themes, it can help you to redesign your website in the nearest future. 

For those who are not aware of the latest and popular WordPress themes of 2020, we have compiled a list of the best and most popular WordPress themes of 2020 that will suit your kind of business or service. 

Here are some characteristics of a good WordPress theme: 

– It has reliable support, with an aesthetically pleasing design. 

– It has features that enable both the consumers and developers to enjoy using it. 

– It is user-friendly and responsive on both mobile and desktop products. 

– It aids you to be SEO-friendly to add more traffic to your site and increase conversions. 

Choosing a High-Quality WordPress Theme 

Choosing a high-quality WordPress theme will aid you in making high conversion rates as well as attract more traffic to your site. However, choosing the most suitable WordPress theme for your website largely depends on your site’s goals, budget, and skill level. 

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Before deciding on your choice of WordPress theme or your site, make a list of the features your site will need. You may desire a responsive theme that can function on both your mobile phone or PC. Also, you have to make up your mind whether you want to buy a premium theme or just use a free theme. Below are factors to consider before you select a high-quality WordPress theme:

1. Consider the Purpose of your Site 

Generally, you can consider looking for a theme option that shows the essence of your brand and message. Consider things like your site’s layout, fonts, colors, and so on that reflects your niche and attracts customers. 

Take careful time to go through these themes before you decide on a suitable theme as some themes might look catchy but hard to read, due to their “dark themes” feature. 

2. Pick a Responsive Theme 

A responsive theme which is sometimes called a mobile responsive theme is optimized to get the best presentation on mobile phones of all sizes. Now at days, a lot of people use their mobile phones and tablets of different sizes for online tasks. 

For this reason, a properly designed theme gives you an amazing user experience. Also, your site visitors can easily interact on your site without any navigation problem, hence improves the connection of your brand. 

3. Select a Theme that is Compatible with Familiar Plugins

No matter what theme you end up choosing, your site will need plugins if you desire to add more features to your website. Some themes have some plugin features that are already installed. 

Also, choose a WordPress theme that will be compatible with key WordPress plugins such as site security, e-commerce, and comment management. Ideally, your choice of theme is compatible so it can accommodate regular updates of popular and high-quality WordPress plugins.  

4. Choose a Theme That Fits Your WordPress Skills 

All WordPress themes designed are available for users of all skill, as it is essential to choose a theme that is most suitable for your site and your abilities. If you are not good at designing and developing a site, we advise that you choose theme features and tools that permit you to customize and manage your site without the need for editing with the use of codes. 

One such tool is the page builder, which allows you to customize unique and attractive pages with the feature of drag-and-drop ease. If you desire to have better control of how your site looks without coding, search for prospective themes with a page builder functionality or for well-known page builder plugins that are compatible with your site. 

Simple is Always Better  

The best type of WordPress theme should be simple and easy to navigate. Avoid distracting visitors with extra things. Simply get straight to the point with the user-friendly WordPress theme. 

These simple themes are simple both in function and in form. With this theme, you can quickly build a catchy site that will engage users on your site, and convert them into customers or subscribers as the case might be. 

Consider Premium Over Free  

The fact that premium themes are expensive is justifiable as they are responsive, feature-rich, and have good support from the vendor’s support staff. However, if you cannot afford a premium theme, you can opt for a free theme as there are good free WordPress them develop by independent developers. 

When it comes to a theme that is always reliable, customizable, high-quality, and so on, the Premium theme is considered first. In a quest to tempt users to buy premium themes, these developers provide free themes occasionally with limited support. Free themes do not have the quality of customization options when compared to the premium themes. 

7 Most Popular WordPress Themes 

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1. Avada  

The first on our list is the popular Avada WordPress theme. Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme usually used in the creation of WordPress websites of any niche. Avada features multiple demo options that permit you to choose a niche. 

It is a fully packaged WordPress theme with premium designs and features that are normally explored to create websites that are modern and efficient. Also, it is easy to use and straightforward, especially for beginners. 

When setting up your new website, there is no need to learn to code or hire an expert as it is easy to install. All that is required is to install the theme so that you can immediately start creating your website. 

The Avada them has a partner plugin feature which is called the Fusion Builder. With this feature, it makes Avada a popular and powerful WordPress theme. Also, it has reliable modules that are strong like shortcodes, portfolio management, and so on. 

2. Divi  

The Divi WordPress theme is described as a mega theme. It is similar to a standard WordPress theme, however, it is a lot better and bigger. Also, it a flagship that features elegant themes. 

With the Divi WordPress theme, it can serve multiple purposes and is compatible with any sort of website. No matter your choice of site, or description of your intended site, the Divi WordPress theme is capable of handling the job. 

It is designed with a beginner in mind for easy usage and navigation. From its set-up right to the interface, and later updates, the Divi theme is designed in a user-friendly way that enables easy comprehension by a beginner who doesn’t have any idea of the WordPress theme. 

3. Astra  

The Astra WordPress theme is a beautiful and popular theme that is used for online shops, blogs, portfolios, and so on. Astra has a free version which is used in more than 20,000 websites. 

Also, it has high-quality support for the page builder WordPress plugins. With the WordPress customizer feature, you can easily customize your site. 

Astra allows you to transform your website with the aid of a button click. With this feature, you can import various dozens of quality website designs for your selection. Also, Astra harnesses so many amazing features that are customizable with ease. 

Astra WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme is lightweight, and according to developers, it takes less than half of a second for a website using Astra to load using the default WordPress data. However, a lot of steps were taken to achieve this purpose.

The Astra theme is unique and different from many other designs. More so, it’s framework is compatible with familiar WordPress page builders. As a result, it easily integrates effortlessly with popular page builders. 

4. StudioPress Theme  

StudioPress is arguably the most popular WordPress theme for the framework, as it’s the creator of Genesis Framework. Genesis framework is designed as a layer of code to sit in between your choice of theme and the WordPress software. 

The Genesis Framework can also be described as a WordPress theme that has a basic design and appearance. This design and appearance can be improved when you install any child theme that is compatible with this framework. 

With the child themes, it helps you to cover a wide range of styles and also provides a solid foundation and codebase for the Genesis Framework. It is essential to note that only child them are compatible and functional with the Genesis Framework. 

However, you can decide to customize or create a free child theme for the StudioPress Genesis Framework through the aid of developers. These developers are experts and make a living for themselves through the creation of commercial child themes for frameworks. 

Hence, when you choose a particular theme from StudioPress, you still have to select a Genesis framework. However, there are no additional steps required to run a StudioPress Genesis framework website once you have installed the Genesis framework and child team respectively. 

5. X Theme 

The X Theme is designed to be the last WordPress theme you’ll desire to buy as it has amazing features. It is properly packaged with multiple designs. No wonder developers of this theme refer to it as a “unique design stacks.” In the X theme package, it comes with four different stacks for use in the nearest future. 

These stacks are unique and different from other themes that have skins and requires you to change their appearance through custom settings. In the X theme, you’ll find an array of options used to customize the stacks to ensure that none of the theme’s installations are identical. 

Before the X theme and its stacks were designed, developers made research through the consultation of various experts as well as internet entrepreneurs. The research was made to find out what features and design concepts should be integrated to bring out the best WordPress theme that will be appreciated by those who desire to build a website. 

The latest version of the X theme, version 4 now comes with an outstanding and purpose-built front-end page builder tool which is called Cornerstone. With the cornerstone tool, it gives you full control over how your website appears and brings out the website of your choice. 

6. Bridge 

The Bridge WordPress theme is a popular and multi-purpose theme that is available in the ThemeForest marketplace. It was created by Qode Themes which was founded in the year 2013. Known for their digital designs, they have designed and released 15 WordPress themes already. 

Within a short period, Qode themes have made more than 50, 000 sales, earning them an elite author badge on the ThemeForest market. Currently, the company has a workforce of  38 employees which keeps growing. Also, Qode has sold items worth more than 2 million dollars. 

However, their most popular WordPress theme is the “Bridge” product. Based on their inventory since the bridge was released, it has sales of more than 32,000 with excellent reviews by customers. 

7. SociallyViral 

sociallyviral wordpress theme

The SociallyViral WordPress theme is one of the most popular blog themes in the market. With this theme, you can revise the old look of your blogs. It has an option to share contents feature that allows you to share your contents on all the social media sites that you wish. 

On all social media platforms, it provides the share button option whether you check full articles or featured posts. We recommend the SociallyViral WordPress theme for you if you are looking for ways to advertise your blog or magazine sites. 

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