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This is an autobiography written by Robert Kiyosaki which is taught today’s generation the value of different perspectives, different ways of spending and earning money, the importance of your own choice, the difference between rich and poor living, different morals, etc. People who need to know all these should experience by reading this book Rich Dad Poor Dad and download their PDF.

About the Author-

Robert Kiyosaki is an amazing writer, who has written over 20 readworthy books. Robert and his wife Kim reside in Arizona, USA. And surprisingly enough they have a close connection with today’s US President Donald Trump. Robert has also worked with Trump as he co-authored 2 books with him and also designated him in 2016’s campaign for president run. This book, Rich Dad Poor Dad is written by him, has ranked on the top of the list of best personal finance books.

Learning from this book-

In this book Robert talks about his two father figures, one of them is his father and another one is his friend’s father. They both played huge roles in his life and shared their experiences and perspectives with him. Which helped Robert to take life decisions on his own based on the perspectives and morals, and learn a lot. One can learn so much from this Rich Dad Poor Dad book and download the PDF for free. We will be talking about a few of the lessons we learned from here and how we should apply in our lives to become a successful human being.

1.     Methods of education  Robert referred to one of his fatherly characters as a poor dad and another as a rich dad. But may I remind you that they both had their own set of morals and tactics that they followed to come to that stage. The poor dad only believed in having education in the basic traditional way. As he was a Ph.D. holder himself and used his intelligence only in the boundaries of conventional education and had no idea about the outside practical world which includes Money. On the other hand, the rich dad was an 8th standard pass only. He believed in the language of money and he knew how to deal with the outside world with economic tactics. There are few economic education that rich father taught Robert and they are- Accounting, Investing, The market, The laws surrounding financing and money.

2.     Selection of work The poor dad always worked for the rest of the world more than for himself. like for example, he worked for his employers, his government whom he pays taxes, the bank who lends him money to buy his assets,  and after all that he finally starts to work for himself. this is the life of all poor and middle-class people. They are trapped in a rate race, circling again and again for the same cause, tangled with fear and greed. But the rich don’t do that. they work for excellence, success automatically come to them. The rich father taught him not to work for money, but in fact, the money will work for them. 

3.     The proper way of spending- The key is to pay yourself first. You will treat yourself with your earnings, but you just need to know when is the proper time for it. There is a lot of people who get the formula wrong and start lavishly spending on stuff the moment they get their pay. As a result at the end of the month or even before that, they become broke, though they have earned a lot of amounts to be called rich still they are not rich. This is how the poor get poorer. Because they never invest their earnings on the asset, rather they put all that into expenses. and end up being poor. The middle class does pay themselves but at the very end. they spend first on their liabilities, then on a very minimum amount of asset. These all expenses finally leave them with a very small amount of money which finally they can spend on themselves. The rich on the other hand treat themselves first as they prioritize themselves the most, they keep their first portion of their income for the asset, then expenses and liabilities. They always make sure that their expenses are always less than their income so that they can save the bigger portion. and also their liabilities should be always less than their assets.

These are the lessons that Robert’s 2 father taught him. Robert also learned to fight his fears, be bold, and stand for himself. Work to learn something not to earn money; but also learn about money and get your priorities a conception about money both clear. Robert has learned a lot from both fatherly characters, as we also can by reading and downloading Rich Dad Poor Dad book PDF.

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