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This is a book for the readers who are interested to have clear ideas on different financial issues, to open their eyes and put light on a lot of money related subjects that we were far away from. What we think of a typical “Millionaire” and their so-called lavish lifestyle might not be the reality. Now, all we have to do is download the millionaire next door free pdf and read it to get all the financial information we need.


The Millionaire Next Door is a very promising, informational book which is written by two extraordinary writers called Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. The writers have mainly focused on the concept of Who is worthy to be called a millionaire in today’s date? The income, net worth, investment, savings, spendings, etc. of a millionaire are also thoroughly described in this book. Stanley and Danko have taken numerous interviews of people for this book, whom they think are the possible suitors for being called Millionaires. Through these interviews, they have created a detailed profile of these possible millionaires and their lifestyle.

Lessons from this book-

1.     Millionaires don’t always mean they have to show off their belongings a lot of millionaires prefer to live a simple, free life that they can enjoy by themselves and don’t have to care about what people think about them.

2.     Proper investment in a reliable and profitable place is the correct kind of investment that a true millionaire knows. They know where their money will be valued the most.

3.     A millionaire doesn’t always mean they are roaming around throwing away all their money in their lavish lifestyle and meaningless expenses. There are actual millionaires in today’s world that are more invested in the thought of saving money and invest in good sources. 

4.     As we mentioned earlier that millionaires might not always show off and throw around their money, but they do spend a lot on their family especially their kids. They try to make sure their lives are well protected and they get whatever they need. As they think that is a duty as a parent ut sometimes it might just go the wrong way and end up becoming suffering more than enjoyment for their kids. 

5.     But they do make sure that the kids they are giving money to, knows the actual meaning of money. They make sure their children are literate financially.

6.     As the author stated, “Self-employed people are four times more likely to be Millionaires than they who work for others”. Through the interviews that the author took this is pretty much clear that one should choose their profession wisely as you have to dedicate a lot of attention, strength, brain, labor, etc to it. So if you are not enjoying the whole process of your job or business, chances of becoming a millionaire become slim. 

7.     According to the data and interviews, the author has concluded that most of the people who become millionaires are those who supply or sell products. Supplying wealth is the key to become wealthy.

Tactics of becoming an actual Millionaire-

Through a reliable source, we get to know that among all the American millionaires 80% are the first generation rich and inherit the money they didn’t even have to work for. 20% are people who have retired and are enjoying the money they have earned earlier. And there are 50% who are running their own business and got a millionaire in the process. According to the author Just because someone has high pay and earns a lot, does not mean they have to be a millionaire. As the secret of becoming rich is not only how much you earn but also how much you spend. There are a lot of people who have a huge income but have nothing saved because they spend a lot. They can’t become a millionaire because what a millionaire needs is the proper balance in both the concept “good offense” and “good defense” as our author described it. The good offense as in one has to earn a lot of money and good defense means they need to be clear with the concepts of investment, saving, etc.  


In the end, I would like to say that this book has a lot of lessons to teach and we all should enrich our financial perspectives by Downloading The Millionaire Next Door Free PDF book and read it. Stanley and Danko both have done a great job by publishing this book and sharing these life-changing learning with us. All we need to do is download the free PDF of The millionaire next door and maybe by this you are opening the door to become the next millionaire.

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