How to Add Google Maps Store Locator in WordPress

With the development of E-commerce, one of the most radical changes in our lifestyle has been the way we shop for items. The invention of the internet, coupled with a growing e-commerce industry has paved the way for online shopping. Furthermore, online shopping now accounts for a higher percentage of all sales made. This is where a store locator is very useful. Since the majority of the research about a product is done online, there must also be a tool that not only provides information about the product to the customer but also shows the location from where the product can be obtained in case the customer wants to physically go to the store’s location. 

While online shopping may be the norm nowadays, there are still plenty of people who prefer to do their search online and then visit the physical store to make a purchase. In cases like this, a store locator can be very useful. 

How are Store Locators Useful?

There are three main purposes of a store locator, firstly it is to provide information about a product to a customer, secondly to provide information from where the product can be purchased, and thirdly, to provide information about how to get to the store where the product is being sold. As you can see the main purpose of the store locator is basically to provide information to customers.

In addition to being very useful, a store locator is also very easy to use for both users and customers.

For User

Firstly, on the user’s side, the software is extremely easy to use that even a person who has no knowledge of coding can easily set up a store locator for his/her website. Essentially, the way to use a store locator involves setting up a map that shows the locations of your stores, and the products that are available in them. Furthermore, most store locator plugins come with detailed documentation about how to start using the store locator. Moreover, there are also online guides that help users develop their store locator and post it on their website.

Once the user has access to the store locator software it is a simple matter of setting up the store locator for potential customers to use. The user just needs to complete the following key steps to successfully set up the store locator:

  1. Install the store locator development software
  2. Choose a template for the overall design of the store locator, such as map style, fonts, colors, etc,
  3. Import information about stores, such as name, opening hours, distance from users location, directions, products available, etc.
  4. Import information about the different products available at the stores such as price, availability, special offers, size, nutritional values, etc.
  5. Set up the Map API Keys/Tokens so that the integrated map functions properly with all the required services.
  6. Add additional APIs as required (Search API, Directions API, etc.)
  7. Setup a billing account for the API key (optional)
  8. Copy the code of the store locator created on the user’s WordPress website

Once these essential steps are completed, a few minor adjustments are needed to optimize the store locator and then the store locator will be ready for use.

For Customers

Secondly, for customers, the way to use a store locator is also very easy. All the customer has to do is browse for a product they want, once they have thoroughly reviewed the product by going over its various attributes, and the product is decided, then a list will appear on the side of the store locator that will show from where that product is available. In addition, the locations of the stores will appear on the map as markers that will indicate how far the customer is from the store. Lastly, the customer can even set up a navigation feature that will guide him/her directly to the store.

Introducing Agile Store Locator

Agile Store Locator is one such store locator plugin that provides users with store locator solutions. A relatively new entry into the market, nevertheless, Agile Store Locator has proven to be a highly reliable and capable store locator that offers more than the bare minimum. Agile Store Locator gives users the ability to create unique and highly intuitive store locators and add them easily to their WordPress site. All this is made possible without the need for coding knowledge. In addition, users can customize various features of the store locator to meet their overall objective. Customization options include color palette, layout size, product display, map customization, and much more. Furthermore, Agile Store Locator has many additional features for users such as:

  1. Import/Export Stores– This is a very handy feature that allows users to import or export a store list from an excel file into the store locator.
  1. Analytics Support – This feature allows users to view useful data about customer activity. Therefore, data such as stores visited, products browsed, successful searches. unsuccessful searches, products rejected, etc. can be viewed and analyzed by users to make future decisions that will impact the overall activity in the store. Furthermore, Agile Store Locator also sends an email to the users with the analytics report for the user’s convenience.
  1. Multi-Language Translation – To cater to a wider customer base, Agile Store Locator comes enables users to translate words on the store locator page in numerous languages. All that is needed is a translation plugin and a translation file, and you will be all set to change the language of the store locator.
  2. Top Map Providers Integration– Agile Store Locator comes with the integration of the best map provider that is Google Maps.
  3. Marker Customization and Clustering– Agile Store Locator features a large number of marker customizations. This allows you to make unique marker designs for individual stores, thus adding a bit of flair to your map. In addition, you also have the option to cluster a group of markers together so that your map appears neater.
  4. List and accordion Layout– The store list in Agile Store Locator is not limited to just a simple list. You can add an accordion view and display your stores in various categories such as country, state, city, etc,
  5. Multiple Filtration Options– Users can set various filters that will enable their customers to narrow down the list of products by applying these filters.

Adding a store locator to your website is an extremely easy process, and once it is done, you will surely reap the rewards of having a dedicated store locator on your website. In addition, you will begin to see a great improvement in traffic to both your website and physical store, this is because you have made it easier for customers to find your store. Finally, with Agile Store Locator you are assured the services of one of the best store locators in the market that is both powerful and easy to use.

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