Can You Lose Twitch Partnership?

  • Twitch can revoke partnership status, but it’s rare and usually requires serious breaches of Terms of Service or prolonged inactivity.
  • Five ways to lose Twitch partner status: breaking the Terms of Service, breaking individual contract terms, simulcasting, serious inactivity, agreeing to leave the program.
  • Reinstatement of partnership status depends on the reason for losing it and the size of the audience.
  • To avoid losing partnership status, adhere to Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, avoid simulcasting or breaking individual contracts.
Aspects Details
Title Can You Lose Twitch Partnership?
Main Idea The article explores whether Twitch partnership can be lost and the reasons behind it.
Ways to lose Twitch partnership 1. Breaking the Terms of Service 2. Breaking individual contract 3. Simulcasting 4. Serious inactivity 5. Agreeing to leave the program
Breaches of Twitch guidelines Copyright infringement, hate speech, nudity, illegal activity (such as drugs or alcohol on stream), and bullying or harassment
Individual contract clauses Exclusivity or minimum streaming time
Impact of losing partnership Loss of income and potential audience
Reinstating partnership Possible by meeting requirements and audience size, but not guaranteed after severe and controversial violations.

For many Twitch streamers, becoming a partner is the ultimate goal. While being an affiliate allows you to start earning some money, partnership can provide even more revenue as a reward for your loyalty and commitment to Twitch. However, just as Twitch can grant partnership status, they can also revoke it. This article will explore whether you can lose Twitch partnership and what could lead to this outcome.

Can you lose Twitch partnership?

Yes, you can lose Twitch partnership, but it is rare and would typically require a serious breach of the Terms of Service or a prolonged period of inactivity.

Five ways you could lose Twitch partner status

1. Breaking the Terms of Service

Twitch streamers and users are bound by Twitch’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, regardless of whether they are affiliated or partnered. Violating these guidelines could result in losing your partnership status or even your entire account. The severity of the violation determines the punishment, but common breaches include copyright infringement, hate speech, nudity, illegal activity (such as drugs or alcohol on stream), and bullying or harassment.

2. Breaking your individual contract

Twitch partners with specific contracts containing clauses such as exclusivity or minimum streaming time can lose their partnership status if they violate these terms. While these contracts are mainly reserved for the most popular streamers, they are also the ones most likely to get banned.

3. Simulcasting

Simulcasting refers to streaming content on multiple platforms simultaneously, which is a breach of the partnership agreement. Streamers are well aware of this prohibition, and it is unlikely to happen accidentally. While not a severe enough offense to result in an account suspension or termination, it could lead to the loss of partnership status.

4. Serious inactivity

While rare, inactivity can lead to losing partnership status. However, this typically only occurs after an extended period of absence, such as two years or more. Shorter absences, such as a mental health break or a month-long holiday, are unlikely to affect partnership status.

5. Agreeing to leave the program

Streamers who want to simulcast or work exclusively with another platform can ask Twitch to remove them from the partnership program to avoid burning bridges with Twitch.

Can you get partnership back after losing it?

Reinstatement of partnership status after losing it depends on the reason for losing it and the size of your audience. Some of the largest streamers have been suspended and then reinstated back to where they left off, while others never saw a return. If you lost partnership status due to inactivity or low earnings, it is possible to work your way back to the requirements. However, if you violated the Terms of Service in a severe and controversial way, reinstatement may not be possible.

Losing Affiliate or Partnership status can be devastating for a streamer who relies on streaming for income. Losing either of these statuses means they will have no money to pay their bills or support themselves. To avoid losing status, Twitch streamers must adhere to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines and avoid simulcasting or breaking their individual contracts. If they do lose partnership status, it may be possible to regain it by meeting the requirements again.