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An American singer, songwriter, and dancer Chris Brown got his fame not only through music but also through several scandals and allegations on him which captured a lot of people’s attention quite a few times. This 30-year-old artist was born on 15th May 1989 in Tappahannock, Virginia, USA. Chris Brown is short for Christopher Maurice Brown. Chris’s father’s name is Clinton Brown who was a prison officer in a local police office in Virginia, and his mother Joyce Hawkings worked as a director at a daycare center nearby. In this article we will talk about Chris Brown’s net worth and different aspects of life.

Passion in Music-

Chris Brown always had a passion for music since he was a child. Like all the other kids of his generation and the generation till now, Chris Brown was a fan of Micheal Jackson and looked up at him like a huge inspiration. From his childhood he used to perform at the local church, different local music talent shows, etc. Brown showed his curiosity for music by listening to the music albums his parents owned, and taught himself how to sing and dance at a very young age. He showed a huge amount of interest in Hip-Hip. His mother was observant enough to notice his passion for music and talent in him, thus she was one who helped him pursue his career in the music industry.

Traumatized Childhood-

While his parents were trying to get him a kickstart on the music industry, Brown was going through a lot of stress mentally. His parents got divorced, and being in a broken family wasn’t just enough trouble for him but he also had to go through the trauma of an ex-boyfriend of his mother who was abusing his mother at the time. Which terrified the little boy and put a huge scar on him.

Beginning of his Career-

His mission Records were the first to find Chris and his amazing talents out. Chris was guided by Lamont Flaming while he was at Hitmission. In 2004 Def Jam Records signed with Brown and just in the next year on November 19, 2005, Chris’s first debut album was released. His first debut was a huge hit which ranked number 2 on the Billboard 200 which sold almost 154,000 copies in just the first week. One of the songs from that album called “Run It” became a number 1 hit which also featured the famous rapper, Juelz Santana.

Acting Career-

Brown also built a pretty good impression in Hollywood as an actor by appearing in a few movies, and tv dramas. His first debut was in the film Stomp the Yard in January 2007. In the same year, he appeared in a family tv drama called “This Christmas” starring Regina King. By the end of the year, Chris was recognized as the artist of the year by Billboard Magazine.

Legal issues-

Chris Brown was dating Rihanna in the year 2009 when he accused to be treating her badly and abusing her. The charges against him were proven correct which made him go through a trial period of  5 years including community labor service of 180 days. This is not the first time he was found guilty, in 2013 Chris and his bodyguard got involved in an assault outside of a hotel in Washington D.C. Later he was arrested more than a few times for assaulting publicly, involving controversies, etc.

Chris Brown’s Net worth-

Apart from the legal issue, Chris had faced he was still one of the top singers and rappers and was giving his fans more reasons to love him by his top hit albums like- Chris Brown, F.A.M.E, X, Royalty, etc. In 2016 Chris Brown’s net worth was around 25 million dollars, now in 2020 Chris Brown’s net worth has increased up to 50 million dollars. He is no doubt one of the top famous hip-hop artists of his generation.

Property –

If we talk about his property and what he owns, we might be lost our way in the maze. With no surprise, this rich, famous hip-hop artist has a mansion at the Hollywood hills which cost him about 1.4 million dollars. Not to forget his smart house situated in Tarzana which is worth 4.3 million dollars. The specialty of this smart house is how big it is which can house 6 bedrooms along with 6 bathrooms attached, with 3 car garages, 16 security cameras, etc. with a lot of other kinds of stuff. His impressive car collection includes Lamborgini Aventador SV, a Rezvani Tank, a Porche 911 Turbo S, a Dodge Viper, and many more. Chris’s property also included 3 Private jets, a Gulfstream, and a Yacht which is named “Serene”.

Top Quotes-

The quotes that define Chris Brown, a few quotes that are quoted by him are-

“Take me as I am, not who I was”

Chris Brown

“Even when my world falling apart I still wore a smile”,

Chris Brown

“Be careful who you’re sharing your problems with”

Chris Brown

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