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Born in 1955 in Nashville Tennessee Debby Clark is a businesswoman who was previously married to a professional American Football coach, Bill Belichick. Bill is the coach of the NFL team aka National Football League. In this article, we will be talking about Debby Clarke Belichick’s net worth, Bio, etc.

Early life-

65 year old, white ethnic, American entrepreneur  Debby, who had a huge passion for design while growing up. So as a career choice she took the chance to become a businesswoman and embraced her love for design. We don’t know much about her childhood what we do know is that she got herself into Wesleyan University and while she was there studying, she met Bill. Bill was in both the football and lacrosse team of Wesleyan University. Bill and Debby hit the instant they met and had a relationship back then and later they got married. 

Marriage and Kids-

Debby and Bill Belichick have three kids of their own, named Stephen, Brian, and Amanda Belichick. After marriage, Debby contributed her life to make a happy family by taking care of her husband and three kids and became a housewife, while Bill pursued his career in Football. Debby mostly got her popularity after she knotted the tie with Bill.

Debby Clarke Belichick’s husband Bill Belichick-

He began his career in 1975 kicking it off and reaching heights as a coach. Soon at the mark of a decade, he took on to become a defensive coordinator for the New York Giants, the NFL team supervised by a coach named, Bill Belichick. Despite winning two Super Bowls XXI and XXV with Parcells by his side, Bill decided to leave the team when he was scouted as the head coach position for the Cleveland Browns in 1991. He served as the head coach for the following five seasons until he returned to work in his old position alongside Parcells, but this time with the New England Patriots and got them to reach Super Bowl too. In 2000, he became a member of the New York Jets organization appointed as the head coach. Even so, he signed his resignation from the position as soon as he was offered the same for the New England Patriots. The Patriots under Belichick’s supervision won 15 AFC East division titles, 12 AFC Championship appearances, and eight Super Bowl appearances of which, they won five. He was crowned as the league’s longest-tenured active head coach and the AP Head Coach of the Year three times in a row.


Although People had expected the couple’s marriage to last many years their surprise, in 2006 Debby Clarke released an official statement claiming that she had divorced her husband. The reasons behind their sudden separation had not been known till the 2004 season when it came in front of the public that Bill was engaged in an extramarital affair with ex-New York Giant’s receptionist Sharon Shenocca. Bill even spent thousands of dollars on Shenocca by buying her expensive monthly cash gifts worth 5 thousand dollars. A twin house that cost almost 2.2 million dollars, was bought for Shenocca by Bill.

After divorce-

The reason for the separation wasn’t meant to last either. Bill and Sharon also went their separate ways. After that Bill did date a few times such as Linda Holliday, who at that time was rumored to be seen with Bill. but for Linda, it was not quite sure if she has dated or married again. 

Eldest Daughter-

Bill and Debby’s eldest daughter followed his father’s footsteps as she had a passion for football as well. She was on Wesleyan University, lacrosse team, and after that became a lacrosse coach in Rosemary Hall preparatory school. She worked at the University of Massachusetts as an assistant coach in Amherst Women’s lacrosse team in 2009. Where she, later on, became the head coach in the year 2015.

Two sons-

Stephen, Bill, and Debby’s second child also were in the same line as his father. As he has been a football and lacrosse player at Rutgers University on scholarship. In 2012 Stephen worked with the New York Patriots under his father as an assistant coach. In 2016 he got a promotion and became a safety coach of the same team. Their third and the youngest son Brian applied to Trinity college and he didn’t disappoint his father either and continued the family tradition by being a part of his school’s lacrosse team. He got hired as a scouting assistant of the Patriots at the same time when his elder brother Stephen became a safety coach of the team. 

Debby Clark Belichick’s net worth-

Being an entrepreneur who is running her own tiles business, and also being the ex-wife of a famous football coach of NFL Debby Clark Belichick’s net worth is counted almost 4 million dollars. After divorcing her ex-husband Debby got a good amount of money from Bill in the divorce procedure. Debby used that money to give her dream a chance to become a businessperson. Now as we can see, who can stop her?

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