Francine Valli: 10 facts about the life of Frankie Valli’s

The lead vocalist of the famous band The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli is an Italian American artist who was a very renowned singer of his time. Frankie was born on May 3, 1934, in New Jersey. He is also the founder of Four Seasons which got popular around the time 1960s to 1970s. He had three wives and six children in total. The children are- Francine Vallie, Antonio Valli, Celia, Emilio Valli, Brando Valli, Francesco Valli. In this article, we will present you with 10 interesting facts about the life of Frankie Valli.

Early life-

Frankie Valli, aka Francesco Stephen Castruccio, was not the only song of Anthony Castelluccio (his father) and Mary Rinaldi (his mother). He is the eldest of three sons, one called Bobby Valli and the other one called Alex Valli.  Frankie’s father was a designer as well as a barber and his mother  Mary was a housewife and an employee at a beer company as well. To your surprise, Frankie Valli followed his father’s footsteps and became Barbar long before all his fame and popularity. Frankie belongs to an italic ethnic family with an American nationality.

Inspiration to become a singer-

Frankie had an idol since childhood whose songs inspired him to become a singer himself; and that is none other than Frank Sinatra, a singer, actor, and producer in the mid 19th century. Frankie went to watch a theatrical performance of Frank Sinatra with his mother. Which made him realize how much he loves music and fortunately enough for us, he decided right away that he will become someone like Sinatra one day.


Thus the journey of Frankie’s career began in 1953 with the famous song “The Variety Trio”. As time passed Frankie became more dedicated to his passion and amazed his fans with his fantabulous musical voice, which made him the lead vocalist of the band The Four Seasons. Frank was one of the four who made The Four Seasons famous, the rest of the band members are- Tommy DeVito, Bob Gaudio, and Nick Massi. In 2005 the Four Seasons boys came up with a musical called “Jersey Boys” which is a life biography put in music. Its sole purpose was to celebrate their huge success in the music industry and gain all these huge fan clubs.  This musical biography has been awarded six tony awards, which was a huge deal.

Changes of names-

Fun fact about the band which was named first as “ the Four Lovers” in 1950. But then Frankie decided to change it and with the other band member’s approval, they later changed it to “The Four Seasons” in 1960. Well, I guess they are not lovers anymore! and for your information, just like his band’s name Frankie was not always known as Frankie Valli. His actual name was as mentioned earlier Francesco Stephen Castruccio but then he changed it, Frankie Valli. The last part of his name originally came from the singer Texas Jean Valley, but as Frankie is Italian so to give his name an Italian scent he then changed it to Valli.

Greatest Hits-

The four seasons have outdone themselves several times. Their Best songs that became top in the chats, both singles and albums are- “Sherry” which is a huge hit containing 11 more songs in the album, “The 4 seasons greetings”, “Big girls don’t cry” containing 12 other songs in the album, “born to Wonder”, “Timeless”, “Half and Half”, “Helicon”, “The Genuine Imitation Life Gazette”, “Who Loves You”, and a lot more.

Acting career-

Frankie didn’t restrict his career within the music industry. He went out to discover more just like his inspiration Frank Sinatra. Valli has given appearances in different TV shows and series over time. Such as Modern Love Film, Miami Vice Series, Opposite Corners Film, And So It Goes  Film, Witness to the Mob Film, and so on. Frankie Vallie also worked in a comedy series called Real Rob, King of Golden Sun another adventure-based series, and gave soundtrack on a show called Beat Shazam from the year 2017 to 2018.

First marriage-

Now let’s talk about Frankie’s married life, which is as interesting as the rest of his life. His first wife was Mary Mandal. They got married in 1954, but the marriage didn’t last long as it ended in 1971. Mary and Frankie had two daughters called Francine Valli and Antonia Valli. Mary was married before and a daughter called Celia from that marriage. But unfortunately, none of their children survived long enough except Antonia. Celia died in a car accident in 1980 and just after a few months, their eldest daughter Francine Valli died because of a drug overdose.

Second marriage-

Then comes the next wife MaryAnn Hannigan in the picture. Frankie married Hannigan three years after his divorce with Mandel in 1974. Frankie knew her when she was 20 only, they were good friends who became lovers and finally married. MaryAnn even modeled for one of The Four Season’s album. They had no children and that marriage didn’t last long either. They broke the knottin 1982.

Third marriage-

Frankie’s third wife was Randy Clohessy who was 26 years younger than Frankie, They got married two years after his second divorce, in 1984. They had three children of their own named- Emilio, Brando, and Francesco. They got divorced in 2004.

April Kirkwood-

Frankie was a very romantic person if you put it that way, as he had not just 3 marriages but also several hidden relationships. But April Kirkwood is a special one in that list. with whom Frankie had a sexual relationship from the time when she was just 16. April was a huge Four Season’s fan and she almost idolized Frankie her whole life. Frankie is 23 years older than her. But unfortunately, April was never the one for Frankie and couldn’t make the cut and become Mrs. Vallie as she dreamt.

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